Essay on Wildlife Park

Below are the long and short essay on Visit to a Wildlife Park and Zoo. A Wildlife Park is a place or facility where provisions are made to conserve and provide a natural habitat for the wild animals in general. This is a place which while conserving these animals also helps us humans to come closer to the nature; the flora and fauna. Below essay on Visit to a Wildlife Park is written from a student’s perspective. Therefore, this essay will be helpful for your school assignments and projects and while preparing for your examinations. This essay on Wildlife Park might also be helpful in debates and essay writing competition.

Essay on Visit to a Wildlife Park
Amazing Animals at the Zoo
Essay on Visit to a Zoo

Short Essay on Visit to a Zoo. (367 Words)

One day in the winter vacation our family planned a family outing. And as me and my cousins insisted on visiting a zoo, the elders planned this picnic at Alipore zoological garden. Alipore zoological garden is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kolkata. It was established in the year 1876. This is also famous as this was the home of the aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaita.

It was a bright sunny day with pleasant weather. The elders went on to look for an open space where to sit down. While me and my cousins went around the zoo. I was so excited that I could not decide from where to begin. So after a short discussion we decided to start by paying a visit to the king of the Jungle. Yes, the Lion. We went on to the Lion enclosure, where we saw the lion basking in the sun and moving around. It was a Majestic site. Then, slowly we moved on to the enclosure to see our very own and Bengal’s famous, the Royal Bengal Tiger. This was a frightening but a beautiful sight from which we could not turn our eyes. It was basking in the sun and licking at its paw, occasionally, raising its head in alertness.

From there, we came to another enclosure where we saw some monkeys of different species and kinds swinging from branches of the tree. It was their playground. We could not but help laugh at their gestures and funny behavior. It was very amusing. After sometime we were hungry and went on to have our meal with the whole family. Then again we started exploring the other parts of this zoo. We saw many animals like the bear, different species of Deer and the gigantic elephant. After that, we also saw the hippopotamus. Then, we also went on to see the place weather birds were kept. This was a very unique experience to see these exotic, colorful and beautiful birds. Some of these where endangered species which were kept in their proper environment for their conservation. The visit to the zoological garden was a wonderful experience.

And, after a whole day of fun and enjoyment we returned home with great joy and happiness.

Long Essay on Visit to a Wildlife Park. (539 words)


Wild Life has always been amazing, amusing and intriguing to all of us. The element of danger attracts us to it. The television channels broadcasting wildlife is never missed by any individual of any age group. A wildlife safari is one of the fascinating experiences one could have by watching animals in their natural habitat. But at times, it is not always possible to get hold of this opportunity. So, a wildlife park could be a better option.

Excitement of the Wildlife Park

For me, the idea of watching animals was always very fascinating. This winter we had planned a visit to the nearest wildlife park. And on a bright sunny Sunday, we packed and went off to a visit to the wildlife park. As, we reached the gates of the wildlife park, I was getting more and more excited. After collecting our tickets we went in through the huge gate. I just wanted to run about all-around, but had to start as the pathway led. The first animals we came across were the Chimpanzee and Monkeys. There were different species of Baboons and Chimpanzees. I was just excited as next came the big cats. It was really a treat to see the tigers in their full form and up-close. I was most excited to see our very own the Royal Bengal Tiger. It was pacing up and down the ground in all its majestic glory. Then we saw the Jaguar and Leopards. Then we saw the animal which is known to be the King of all animals, the Lion. The beautiful mane of the lion and massive muscles presented a huge figure of this animal. I was spellbound and mesmerized on seeing the lion. I had to be pushed ahead to move on towards the enclave of other animals. Then came the Zebra, having distinct patterns all over which was really awesome. We also saw the Hippopotamus and the Rhinoceros. Then we approached the enclave were numerous species of Deer were moving around. It was completely an out of the world feeling. And then the animal which we saw from a far off distance was the Giraffe. It was moving around in a very relaxed manner chewing on the leaves from the trees. Then we went on to see the Elephants, and fortunately I also got the opportunity to feed these huge animals some bananas. Though I was bit afraid earlier, but as it came nearer and I reached out my hand full of bananas, the elephant took it very pleasingly with its trunk. By this time I was not afraid at all. And wished I could be friends with this huge animal. Then finally, we reached the gallery of colorful birds. Numerous species and sizes of birds were present there. All of these birds in tandem with nature and there natural instincts had some unique capabilities of their own, which was just awesome. We also saw the peacock with bright and vibrant colors, which is our National Bird.

Essay on Visit to a Wildlife Park


Eventually, I came to the end of the tour of this amazing wildlife park, where there was a collection of numerous healthy and beautiful animals. It was a wonderful tour and I am planning another visit to the wildlife park very soon.

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