Essay on Visit to a Fair

Essay on Visit to a Fair
Giant Ferris Wheel: Essay on Visit to a Fair

Generally, a Fun Fair is a place where there are numerous stalls for various activities, especially for children. There are many food stalls serving various amazing delicacies. There are bookstalls, school stationery stalls for the children. This essay on a visit to a fair will be on a funfair. There are different kinds of fairs as well, as the book fair for books on exhibit, industrial fair for accessories and equipment required for small and large scale industrial purposes, environment fair to spread the awareness of environmental issues and how to cope with it, Travel and Trade fair. A long and short Essay on Visit to a Fair for all school students. So, here is a general essay on a visit to a funfair. And hopefully, this essay will surely be very helpful to all the school students.

Visit to a Fair. (Words-437)


A Visit to a fair is always exciting for a child. During the Durga Puja, there are lots of fairs being organized around the Durga Puja pandal. We had planned to visit one such fair close to our home. For us, this fair is a must-visit Durga Puja fair every year. But it was more fun this year because my cousins were also visiting me on the Puja holidays. And, I had a company of almost my age, which made it all the more exciting.

An Amazing evening at a Fair

In the evening we reached the fairgrounds. On entering the Puja Pandal and offered our prayer to Goddess Durga, we went on towards the fair. Here, comes the most exciting part. There were lots of people of different age groups visiting the fair. They were their best outfits, colorful and elegant clothes. Women had their best ornaments on; some of them were also accompanied by children of almost our age. As the evening set in, gradually the crowd also started pouring in. The whole atmosphere of the fair was very cheerful and exciting. Everybody was so cheerful, some of them went towards the food stalls, and some went straight to the stalls selling toys, ornaments, and other fun accessories. In this fair, there were stalls of handicrafts as well. Artisans from different remote villages made these handicrafts. This fair was a unique platform to present their crafts.

We planned to first have some fresh snacks and then have some fun in the kid’s zone. So, we started off with the “Phuchkas”. This particular Phuchka stall had many varieties of them, Dahi Phuchkas and Mint phuchkas were the best I tried. Then we went on to taste some momos, and then fried chicken pakodas. Then we took some fresh hot masala popcorns and went towards the place where there many rides for children, like the Ferris Wheel, Tora-Tora, the toy train, and Roller-coasters. We could not wait to take a spin in all these rides. It took almost an hour by the time we had finished taking a ride in all of these. Hence, it was quite an awesome experience. And this would not have been possible if my cousin would not have been with me. Me, and my cousin, together taking these rides made it all the more exciting.

Essay on Visit to a Fair : Ferris Wheel
Visit to a Fair – Ferris Wheel


After taking these rides, it was almost time to return home. There were still lots of people in the fair and we still wanted to spend some more time in the fair, but we had to return home in the allotted time. It was an amazing and memorable visit to a fair.


Long essay on A visit to a fair.  (Words-525)


A fair is a very interesting and entertaining place. Fairs and festivals are very common in Kolkata. Fairs give us a reason to get together and have some fun. Some of the fairs are religious, some are commercial, some are social, but all are funfairs. The most attractive part of the fair is the amusement rides and fun games. Some of the particular fairs are in their categories like the book fair, trade fair, and tour and travel fair. But I especially like the fun and amusement fairs.

An exciting Visit to a Fair

It was December, the time of picnic and fares. On a Sunday my parents took me to a fair which was held on the occasion of Christmas. This fair consisted of makeshift food stalls which were selling chats, puchkas, chowmein, and other fast food items. There were numerous stalls selling toys varying from soft toys to electronic toys. Some of the stalls were also selling garments. The fairground consisted of stalls where entertainment activities took place like stunt performances, magic shows, movies, and lots of amusement rides. This fair consisted of brightly colored tents where entertainment for the children was taking place like the Circus, magic shows, and movies. These stalls were a bit different from the other stalls as these were completely covered and one could not what was happening inside. These stalls had an entry and exit gate and a ticket counter at the entrance. I Along with my parents, after purchasing tickets, entered the tent. It was completely an exciting wonderland inside. There were jokers performing tricks in their colorful costumes all around inside the tent. I witnessed a whole show of circus finishing with a movie e The Jungle Book.

After the show, I came out of the tent and moved towards the open stalls where activities like air gun shooting, dart shooting, and ring throwing were taking place. As I like air gun shooting the most, I quickly ran towards the stall and picked up a gun and started shooting at the balloons which were pasted on the wall as targets. I shot numerous balloons and won a key-chain as a reward. Then I came up to the dart shooting stall where I won a pencil box. So, after winning these prizes I was very excited and wanted to try my luck on the ring throwing game as well but somehow I missed on each of the attempts, either the ring went far off or bounced off the table, so I could not win anything there. Disheartened, I moved on to the next huge attraction of the fair. Here a well was built out of wood and steel and on the inside wall of the well, cars, and bikes were running. And a platform was made on the top half of the outside wall for the audience to stand and see the stunts.


After these exciting activities, I became very hungry, so my parents took me to the food stalls. So, as I like ‘momos’ very much, I was served ‘chocolate momo’ which I relished a lot. Therefore, the whole evening was very memorable to me as it was a remarkable, exciting, and fun filled experience of a visit to a fair.

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