Essay on Coronavirus Lockdown (Covid-19)

Essay on Coronavirus - Covid 19 Safety Precautions

This is an essay on the Coronavirus lockdown. It’s about kids and lockdown. The Covid-19 Pandemic came up with an unprecedented lockdown.

These essays should also be an inspiration for every child to take up new hobbies and activities of interest where they can spend creative time, while they are indoors and, also to motivate them towards the welfare and well-being of the underprivileged children.

The essays share the experience of how was the lockdown affecting the school children and how they were coping with it. Due to the nation-wide lockdown resulted in the closing down of schools; this essay on life during lockdown due to Coronavirus reflects the daily life of a school student during the lockdown. This pandemic causing a complete lockdown confined the school students into their homes, so, this essay peeks into the student’s life at home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

This Essay on Coronavirus lockdown or Covid-19 for school students is written with an intent to provide a basic structure and framework, which will surely help them to put into words, their own experiences during the lockdown.

Essay on Coronavirus Lockdown

Paragraph on Kids in Lockdown (Words 250)

The Covid-19 Pandemic came with unfortunate effects for many. Even for those who were not directly infected or affected by the virus, many of them had to compromise with their livelihood. It was a global phenomenon. And with this pandemic spreading like wildfire, social distancing and isolation was the only way out. So, the only best possible way of social distancing was by a global or nation-wide lockdown. Almost the whole world came to a standstill. And as it was inevitable, my school also declared indefinite closure with online support. Now, it was completely on me how I was going to spend this extended holiday. The first thing which came to my mind was the children on the streets, the children who are homeless and have to struggle for their livelihood. Then, I got in touch with some of the local NGO’s and volunteers who work towards the betterment and welfare of these children. And, with their help, I took up the initiative to spread awareness through social media. Though, I played a very small part in this whole process, but, I felt very satisfied that I could extend a helping hand and bring some smiles on these children’s faces. Interaction through social media and other online platforms became a daily routine for me, even if it was for a couple of hours. And, when all the support and help from different sources started pouring in, I was very excited. This was my experience during the lockdown.

Students during Coronavirus Lockdown

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Online Study: Students during Coronavirus Lockdown

Essay on Coronavirus Lockdown for class 7 (Words 481)

My final exams were over. I was very excited as I had numerous plans for my holidays. I was eagerly waiting for my father to return home from the office as we were to plan a visit to the nearby hill station for a few days. But, when my father returned from the office, he seemed a bit concerned. And later that evening when we sat down for a casual talk, I came to know that an epidemic has spread all across the globe. From what my father said, it seemed that not only going to a hill station was out of the question, but even my regular outings to the playground were about to get discontinued. The next day news came in that a nation-wide lockdown has beeen declared. Everything was going to be in a stand-still, all the citizens were to stay in isolation inside their homes. My mother is a housewife so she stays at home and my father also had to work from home.

Lockdown Action plan

Now that all the outdoor activities were restricted, it was time that I sat down to make new plans for my holidays. For the first few days, I watched cartoons on the internet, but after a couple of days, it was to get boring. So, then I decided to make a routine, as this lockdown seemed to go a long way. As per my new plan, my days started with some yoga and exercise. After breakfast, I made some drawings. Then I thought that I should learn something new. And then my mother suggested that I should try Origami. Origami is an art of folding paper into different forms or shapes. I am always enchanted by seeing a paper being folded in such a way that it transformed into the shape of a bird. And, the bird even flapped its wings when the shape was moved with both hands in a particular way. Then, it came to me that this was the best time that I could practice and learn the art of origami. And, fortunately, as technological advancement, we have various online media where we could search for things which we want to know about. On such an online platform I found numerous origami tutorials. This experience of learning Origami was so exciting and fun that I was never aware of how time flew by. I was very thrilled with this new-found activity because it was so exciting to create different shapes and figures out of a simple sheet of paper.

In the evening when my father has had finished his office-work and my mother was free from her household chores, we three sat down for a game of scrabble. My hobby is reading books, so I always make time for reading a book. And this is how my time passed during the Coronavirus lockdown period. So, this was my experience shared as an essay on coronavirus lockdown.

Life of a school student during the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown.

You went to your grand parent’s house and could not return because of the lockdown. Describe whatever you have experienced there. (540 words)

I was very excited as I had planned a weekend visit to my grandparent’s house after my final exams were over. I always liked visiting my grandparents. Their house was on the outskirts of the city and was a relatively calm and silent place away from the city hustle and bustle. My first day was very relaxing and fun. I went out for an early morning walk with my grandfather and enjoyed the fresh and clean air. When we returned, some news started coming in related to the Corona Virus outbreak. The news started streaming the proposed measures which might be taken by the government and health authorities to avert and contain this pandemic. By afternoon, I came to know that a nation-wide lockdown has been declared. And, this meant that every citizen has to stay inside their homes and isolate themselves. There will be no movement of humans and vehicles during this Lockdown period. This also meant that I have to stay at my grandparent’s home during this lockdown period, I did not have time left for me to travel back to my home. Though, for me, this was going to be interesting as I will get some more time to spend with my grandparents. But, there will be no morning walks and evening market stroll with my grandfather.

Activities and experience during the Lockdown: Staying completely at home was not much of an issue with me as I liked reading books and had carried some favorite books of mine along with me. So, the major part of my daily schedule during the lockdown was taken up by reading books. And my hobbies include drawing, arts, and craft, so I really got ample time to make myself creative as well. The first thing in the morning was to take a morning walk with my grandfather on the terrace of their home. Then, I enjoyed a light breakfast with my grandfather and grandmother. After that I sat to draw, re-calling all the beautiful places I have visited. Some of them where simple pencil sketches while I filled some of them with colors. As I had access to the internet and my grandfather provided me with a Smartphone, I came across some amazing art and craft videos from which I got very much inspired. Then I let my imaginations flow free and made interesting crafts and DIY (Do It Yourself) projects with the help of my grandfather. I brought in to use the household disposed of items to bring to life some amazing crafts. This went on as my daily schedule for some days. But, as the Lockdown extended, I was informed that the school was indefinitely closed and most of the classroom study was going to be held online. This was a very revolutionary step towards online education for both; our teachers and us the students. We all were connected to the online social media platform for the exchange of knowledge, notes, and discussion. So, as the online studies started I had to re-schedule my other pastime activities. This was the experience of the Coronavirus Lockdown for me.

Always wearing a mask.
Students in Coronavirus Lockdown
Take Necessary Precautions


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