Essay on Diwali Celebration – The Celebration of Lights

An essay on Diwali is a representation of a grand celebration. The Diwali Celebration essay is about the victory of Good over Evil. Diwali is celebrated across India and many other parts of the world with equal fervor. There are many religious believes that connects to the Celebration of Diwali. Below, we present the Diwali Celebration in the form of a paragraph on Diwali Celebration, a long and short essay on Diwali. Therefore, this will surely be very helpful to provide you with the basic idea of how to write…

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Essay on Coronavirus Lockdown (Covid-19)

Essay on Coronavirus - Covid 19 Safety Precautions

This is an essay on the Coronavirus lockdown. It’s about kids and lockdown. The Covid-19 Pandemic came up with an unprecedented lockdown. These essays should also be an inspiration for every child to take up new hobbies and activities of interest where they can spend creative time, while they are indoors and, also to motivate them towards the welfare and well-being of the underprivileged children. The essays share the experience of how was the lockdown affecting the school children and how they were coping with it. Due to the nation-wide…

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Essay on Visit to a Fair

Generally, a Fun Fair is a place where there are numerous stalls for various activities, especially for children. There are many food stalls serving various amazing delicacies. There are bookstalls, school stationery stalls for the children. This essay on a visit to a fair will be on a funfair. There are different kinds of fairs as well, as the book fair for books on exhibit, industrial fair for accessories and equipment required for small and large scale industrial purposes, environment fair to spread the awareness of environmental issues and how…

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